Dues and Fees

*A 3% fee will be added to all items if paying with a credit card.

Annual Dues for Accredited Schools:

Number of Students enrolledAnnual Dues + $150 Conference Fee 
1-100$812.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=253]
101-200$922.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=265]
201-300$1032.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=266]
301-400$1142.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=267]
401-500$1253.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=268]
501-600$1473.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=269]
601-700$1694.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=270]
701-800$1914.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=271]
801-900$2135.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=272]
901 and over$2355.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=273]
An Annual Conference Professional Development fee of $150.00 is required in addition to the amount listed above.  This required fee is for the registration of two participants for the TAAPS Annual Conference.

The dues are payable in September of each year and will be regarded late as of October 15.

Accreditation Fees:

Initial Application Fee*$100.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=275]
Applicant Administrative Fee*$400.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=276]
Self Study Administrative Fee*$700.00[tcp_buy_button post_id=278]

* Non-refundable


Payments can be mailed to:

Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools  
Tiffany Johnson,  Exec. Director

300 E. Huntland Dr.

Austin, TX 78752